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Franchise Disputes

Solicitors in Essex & London

Our specialist franchise solicitors in Essex and London are more than experienced in offering both franchisees and franchisors advice on disputes.

We can advise and offer legal support on the following:

  • Franchisees that believe that they have been mis-sold a franchise. For further information and please see our Misrepresentation and Mis-Selling claims page.
  • Franchisees and franchisors looking for a way out of their franchise agreements.
  • Franchisees wanting their franchisor to stand up to the terms of their franchise agreements, whether it be in relation to guidance and support, breaches of the agreement or in relation to territory encroachments. For further information, please see our Breach of Contract claims and Termination of Franchises page.
  • Franchisors that believe their franchisees have breached the terms of their franchise agreement.
  • Franchisees that have had their franchise agreements terminated for breach and are being pursued for damages by their franchisor.
  • Both franchisees and franchisors that are being refused the right to sell or renew their franchise.
  • Franchises that are not achieving the performance requirements/targets.
  • Franchisees facing injunctive action by a franchisor for alleged breach of non-compete clauses, non-solicitations and any other restrictive covenants.

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If you require further legal advice relating to a franchise dispute, either as a franchisor or franchisee, please feel free to contact any of our franchise law solicitors directly to discuss your issues in more detail. We offer consultations in any of our five offices across Essex and London, or, if more convenient, we are happy to meet you onsite at your own premises.

** Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we are currently conducting all meetings by telephone or some video calling services. Please contact us for more details. **

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