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Hiring for Growth; Free Employment Workshop

Pinney Talfourd are delighted to be presenting at the Hiring for Growth Employment Workshop hosted by Brentwood Borough Council on 14 January 2020.​

Whether you're taking on your first employee or expanding your existing team, our panel of speakers will show you how to grow your company by making smart recruitment decisions, developing clear HR policies, and building in expert professional support.

In this interactive session with employment specialists you will learn the following key strategies:

RECRUITING - Create a robust recruitment process to attract the right candidates
ONBOARDING - Produce a human resources programme that encourages productivity
PROTECTING - Reduce the risk of disputes leading to legal action

Our employment law expert Alex Pearce will be joining the panel to discuss the common legal disputes that employers face and how to effectively protect against them. Disputes and employment tribunals can be avoided early on with the right advice and strong contracts. Alex will be able to advise on a range of employment law issues so make sure you use this opportunity to find out more about issues that are affecting the growth of your business.

Alex will also be on hand to answer any questions afterwards.

There will be networking opportunities before, during and after the workshop.


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