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Wealth Management

Wealth Management Services in Essex & London

Our investment strategy can help navigate your wealth through the ups, downs and cycles that are a feature of our financial investment systems.

We have a refreshing, new approach to providing wealth management services to our clients. Our focus is on constantly monitoring your investments and recommending changes in strategy and funds depending on several key indicators such as market activity, changes in fund managers or new products becoming available.

We charge a competitive initial fee for setting you up as a client, as well as deducting a fixed annual fee (ranging from 0.5%-1% of your investment fund) from the funds we manage for you if you require ongoing advice.

We do not charge excessive initial fees and, because of our alternative approach to managing your wealth, we are able to move your funds around as often as required. This approach aims to maximise your return without additional charges or any underlying concern that the reason for suggesting changes may be motivated by a financial incentive for the advisor to move you to alternative products.

We provide entirely independent financial advice and services to individuals and businesses and we provide completely impartial advice on the financial solutions that best suit your needs. Our independent financial advisers will work with you to devise a comprehensive financial plan tailored to your specific needs and objectives.

Many people have suffered losses on their investments over the years where investments have not been moved from where they were originally invested or have been tied in with large financial institutions. Similarly, some “salespeople” motivated by commission and referral fees from financial providers have recommended movement of investments or products that are simply not suitable to the needs and objectives of their clients.

We feel that our investment strategy can help navigate your wealth through the ups and downs and financial cycles that are a feature of our financial investment systems. It is inevitable that the cycle of financial bubbles, booms and busts will continue. Our depth of understanding of the markets and individual approach to the management of your investments have resulted in excellent results for our clients.

We do not have to stick to rigid benchmarks or leave your funds unattended in investments in the general hope that they will grow over the years. If equities are falling, for example, we can very quickly react to changes in economic circumstances and move all or part of your investment from equities and avoid the worst of the dip whilst benefitting from the best of the rise.

Investing money is what we enjoy and what we are good at. We are entirely transparent about how we work, what we do and our results. If you would like to discuss how we can help you maximise your wealth using our tried and tested methods, then we would be pleased to assist. We are happy to arrange a no-obligation consultation with one of our expert independent financial advisers. Together we will work out your personal investment strategy to protect you and your loved ones, maximise your assets and, where possible, minimise your tax liabilities.

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Our wealth management services are provided by Pinney Talfourd Wealth Management Limited as an appointed representative of Watson Moore Independent Financial Advisers Limited.

Our Wealth Management expertise includes:

  • Comprehensive wealth management advice and planning
  • Financial advice on property investment
  • Investment advice following injury compensation
  • Financial and succession planning for business owners
  • Assistance with financial affairs following relationship breakdown and divorce

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If you would like more information on Pinney Talfourd Wealth Management Limited and the services we can offer you, please contact Chris Moore on 01708 259577.

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