Financial Orders following Divorce

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It is advisable for parties to ensure that there is finality in relation to financial issues once they divorce. This is not achieved simply by obtaining a Decree Absolute within divorce proceedings; the court needs to make an order dealing with all of the financial claims. Our specialist family solicitors have significant experience in negotiating financial settlements.  They are able to advise you regarding financial orders as well as deal with the negotiations and implementation of a consent order. Where mediation is appropriate, we will refer you to one of our recommended mediators.

A court order can be made within financial proceedings or by the parties agreeing between themselves, via mediation or solicitors, and a consent order being submitted to the court for approval. This ensures that there will be no further claims by one or other party against the other in the future. It also regulates matters such as the closure of bank accounts, transfer of shares, the sale of property or division of pensions.

Even where parties have been married for a short time and have kept their financial arrangements entirely separate, it is advisable to have a consent order to ensure that there can be no claims against each other in the future.

For further assistance on financial orders following divorce, make an appointment with one of our specialist family solicitors who have extensive experience in advising upon such claims. We will be able to assist you and advise upon the steps you need to take to protect your position within the framework of the law and to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

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