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The breakdown of any relationship is often difficult and stressful, particularly where children are involved. We understand that some of the most important decisions you will make regarding your children, home or business need to be made at this time.

Our team of specialist divorce lawyers are recognised in Tier 1 of Legal 500 UK and will ensure you are guided and supported during this difficult process. The size and strength of our divorce team enables us to take immediate legal action if or when necessary, including making immediate Court applications. Our family law department includes members of the  Law Society’s Family Panel  and Advanced Family Panel, accredited  Resolution  specialists and Collaborative Family Lawyers. All ten of our team are members of Resolution.

We understand you want matters resolved as quickly and as painlessly as possible so that you can move on with your life. Here at Pinney Talfourd, our specialist solicitors ensure our clients receive a proactive rather than reactive service. Each client's circumstances are different and we, therefore, want each client to know that what they will receive is a bespoke service to suit their individual needs.

Why should you choose a solicitor over an online divorce service?

Online divorce services appear to offer a cheap and quick method of obtaining a divorce, from as little as £17, but is this really the case? The simple answer is a resounding 'NO'.

The phrase 'online divorce' in itself is misleading. At the present time, one cannot apply for or obtain a divorce 'online'. The price is also misleading. You are being sold little more than the forms needed to take you through the divorce process, which are available for free from the court in any event and a basic "how to" guide.

No mention is made in this headline of the £550 that is payable in court fees; you are also unlikely to receive any guidance as to whether you are exempt from paying these fees which you may be if you are in receipt of a low income.

Another phrase banded about by divorce sites and the press is 'quickie divorce'. There is no such thing. A divorce will take 4-6 months to complete, assuming both sides agree to the divorce proceeding. Any other time frame suggested is simply wrong.

There is rarely a 'simple divorce'

Not all divorces proceed without problems; an online service is unlikely to be able to offer expert legal advice to help you if your spouse cannot be found, refuses to consent to the process, files a defence (known as an Answer) or issues a cross-petition of his or her own.

When a couple separate, the divorce itself is not the only issue between them; there might be issues regarding the children or the parties’ financial separation. Even where parties are in a position where they feel they have reached an agreement, it would always be beneficial for them to consult their own divorce solicitor for advice rather than simply use an online service for constructing an agreement to set out their financial separation. You should seek proper legal advice as to the suitability and reasonableness of any agreement before entering into it. A divorce website will not provide you with this service.

An online service simply cannot replace the expertise of a divorce solicitor; they are able to advise you not only on the suitability and construction of any agreement you might have reached with your spouse but also on other legal issues that you may have missed.


By instructing a solicitor to represent you in your divorce process, you obtain not only a personal service but the security in knowing that a qualified professional who has many years of experience is dealing with your case.

Many clients’ financial situations are now very complex, either because they have assets abroad or family businesses. Our specialist team of divorce solicitors are used to dealing with complex divorces and high-net-worth individuals and like to think outside the box to achieve a solution tailor-made to each client's particular circumstances. Working closely with a number of independent financial advisors, accountants and pensions specialists we achieve the very best results for our clients.

Some clients will require referrals to mediation and we have a panel of approved mediators to whom we refer work. We also work closely with counsellors, life coaches and other support services to ensure that all of our client'’ needs are met by specialists to make the process as painless as possible.

Clients come to us from all walks of life and include business owners, traders, brokers, city workers and property developers as well as doctors, nurses, teachers and police officers. Each employment brings its own challenge, whether it is how to deal with the family business upon separation, or how to deal with final salary pension schemes. We have dealt with divorces in Essex, London and further afield, and have a number of lawyers who also specialise in clients based overseas but who wish to divorce in England.

Whatever the query, our specialist divorce solicitors have the expertise to deal with it efficiently, providing definitive advice on the best way forward. We also ensure that each client is offered the most appropriate divorce lawyer to deal with their case in the most cost-effective way.


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We understand that seeing a solicitor for the first time about any issue relating to divorce and finances can be daunting. Our experienced team of family law solicitors will be happy to see you for a free initial consultation to provide you with some general advice which will enable you to plan your next steps. Free initial consultations and fixed fee appointments with our family solicitors are available at any one of our offices in Brentwood, Hornchurch and Upminster, and also at our office facilities based in Leigh-On-Sea and Canary Wharf, London.*

*Free appointments are only available at our main offices in Upminster, Brentwood and Hornchurch and are not available in cases where proceedings have been issued.

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