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Collaborative Law - a real alternative

Pinney Talfourd’s Family Team looks at Collaborative Law and how this is becoming a real alternative.
At the moment there is very little alternative to settling family disputes other than going to court which is slow, expensive and emotionally draining. Court proceedings force people into conflict and leave people feeling like they have won or lost, usually the latter. It’s unhealthy, unhelpful and damaging.

Collaborative law provides a new alternative to the court process in relation to divorce, finances, cohabitation, civil partnership breakdowns and child related issues.

Parties to the collaborative process sign an agreement not to go to court and the matter is negotiated by way of meetings with the parties and their lawyers present. If needed an independent IFA ( a financial neutral) can become involved to look at pensions, mortgage capacity and investments and provide options on how best to divide the assets. For the more complex cases, or if there is a family business, an accountant may be brought in.

If there are other issues, family therapists, counsellors, specialist children’s experts can also come on board to assist the process.

The parties themselves control the process and we use a team based approach to create creative and fair settlements tailored to the parties individual needs.

Collaborative law is a real alternative to the court system.

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For more information on collaborative law please contact either Catherine Polli or Sue Nash on 01708 229444
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