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FREE Time Management Seminar by Pro-Actions

proactions-hcci-seminar Time Management Secrets of Effective & Successful Businesses
Pinney Talfourd has the pleasure of inviting you to a free business training event in our offices at Upminster; Time Management Secrets of Effective & Successful Businesses - Essex​.

Pro-actions Business Coaching and Support are a leading ​provider of training and support to businesses across central and southern England and their Essex team are holding a workshop on time management on Wednesday 5 December. Their objective is to help SME owner managers to get a clear idea of what they want from their businesses and then make it happen.


If you are finding yourself struggling to fit everything into a day or a week, working too long and not achieving the results you wanted at home or at work, this Pro-actions Business Seminar could be transformational to your life. Time Management is the cornerstone of running a successful business and keeping your life in balance. It's the difference between being at the meeting on time, and being at the right meeting.

This Pro-actions Business Seminar will explore:

  • What Time Management is and how it can make a big difference to your results.
  • How to balance work and life.
  • The difference between being efficient and being effective.
  • How to become truly proactive.
  • Some of the best ways to manage your time.
  • Key habits and tools that can make a big difference in getting your life and your business under control.

Packed full of sensible ideas and solutions, this is a must-attend event for anyone who is serious about their business having the best chance to succeed.

Booking is essential and there are limited places. Don't delay - use the three hours to make a real difference to your future!


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