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Online Probate Service

A highly price-competitive, quick and simple online probate service for clients across the country

Obtaining a Grant of Probate in an estate can be a daunting job during a difficult time for you and your family. Our expert team of Probate Solicitors and Legal Executives in Essex and London have many years of experience in guiding people through this process. We also understand that it is sometimes problematic to spend time trying to sort out the technical aspects of obtaining a Grant of Probate, let alone trying to arrange meetings for legal advice around your normal day-to-day lives. In an attempt to tackle this, we now offer a highly price-competitive, quick and simple online probate service for clients across the country.

Pinney Talfourd is a full-service law firm; not only can we assist you in obtaining a Grant of Probate, but very often administering an estate requires additional legal advice and services, such as conveyancing to assist you in the sale of a property, advice on selling or managing a business belonging to the person who has died, or litigation advice should a dispute in the estate arise. Our teams of specialist lawyers are recommended by Legal 500 UK and can assist you in all matters relating to the hurdles you may come across whilst trying to obtain a Grant of Probate.

Rest assured - all sensitive documents such as death certificates, income tax details and National Insurance numbers are sent over via a secure connection, giving you peace of mind that all matters are safe with Pinney Talfourd.

We understand that being appointed as an executor of a Will and obtaining a Grant of Probate can be a daunting task at a difficult time when combined with the everyday stresses of life. Here's how our simple online probate service works:

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How the Online Probate Service works:

Pinney Talfourd's Online Probate Service

Our Online Service Fees

Payments to Pinney Talfourd LLP:

Grant Extraction with IHT205

£1,250 plus VAT

Grant Extraction with IHT205 plus IHT217

£1,750 plus VAT

Grant Extraction with IHT400

£2,750 plus VAT

Grant Extraction with IHT400 plus claim for Residence Nil Rate Band

£3,000 plus VAT


Payments to third parties*:

Probate Court Fee



*Other minor disbursements payable to third parties will be required, including Swear fees and sealed Probate copies. Amounts will vary depending on individual circumstances. Please refer to our FAQs for a full breakdown of these costs.

Next Steps

1. You will receive a call from one of our solicitors who will take more specific information about the estate, answer any of your questions and confirm your instructions for us to act for you. Your ID will be verified and you will be given a client identity reference. 

2. Please ensure you have your passport number and drivers licence number handy for the phone call for the purposes of verifying your ID. 

3. Once you have agreed to instruct us, collate the information we have requested and email it to us.

4. Pay the court fee to us.

5. Once we have received all the information from you, the application papers for the grant of probate will be sent to you within 2 working days.

6. You will sign and swear the papers and return them to us.

7. If there is inheritance tax to pay, the HMRC forms will be sent to HMRC together with payment of the tax. 

8. Once we have the receipt from HMRC to show the tax has been paid and confirming the figures in the estate, we will submit them to the Probate registry. The Grant of Probate is expected to be received with 21 days. 

9. If there is no inheritance tax to pay, steps 7 and 8 are ignored and the papers are submitted straight to the Probate registry; the Grant of Probate is expected to be received with 21 days. 

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Online Probate Service FAQs

Q. What is Probate? 
A. Probate is the term that is commonly used for describing the process of dealing with someone’s estate after they have died. A Grant of Probate is the legal Grant of Representation that is issued by the Probate Registry (part of the UK Courts Service) to give the executors named in the Will the Legal Authority to access the deceased’s affairs. 

If the person who died did not have a Will the Grant of Representation that is issued is called Letters of Administration. 

Q. Do I still need a Grant of Probate if the person who died had a Will? 
A. Yes, you will if the deceased’s affairs require one. 

Q. What is an Intestacy? 
A. Intestacy is the legal terminology for when someone dies without a Will. The intestacy rules govern who will be entitled to administer the deceased’s estate and who will benefit from the estate. Normally this will be the deceased’s next of kin. 

Q. When do you have to obtain a Grant of Probate? 
A. The need for a Grant of Probate is determined by the things the person who died owned at the date of their death and their value. If the deceased owned a UK property in their sole name then you will always need to obtain a Grant of Probate. 

For bank and building society accounts it will depend on the value of the money held by each financial institution as to whether a Grant of Probate is required. If the deceased held shares then a Grant of Probate will most likely be required save for people who are classed as having a small estate. It should be noted that each financial institution has its own rules as to the need to see a Grant of Probate before it deals with a deceased’s finances. 

Q. What is the estate? 
A. The estate is the terminology used for describing the collective details, assets and liabilities of the person who has died. 

Q. What does swearing the papers mean? 
A. Swearing the papers means taking the probate application papers to an independent solicitor for the Oath to be sworn on the bible or affirmed if you prefer not to swear on the bible. This means that you swear to the accuracy of the information and the statements contained in the Oath. 

This is equivalent to giving evidence to the court and knowingly swearing or affirming a false statement or information could lead to contempt of court proceedings against you. 

Q. What is an Oath? 
A. The Oath is the legal document which we will prepare for you which needs to be Sworn (as detailed above) so that the Grant of Probate can then be applied for. 

Q. Will there be inheritance tax to pay? 
A. Inheritance tax will not be payable if the whole estate of the person who died passes to their surviving spouse or civil partner or a charity or charities. 

If the total value of the estate of the person who has died is less than £325,000 there will not be inheritance tax to pay. This is called the nil rate band tax threshold. 

If the person who has died was married (and their spouse has also died) and the spouse has not used up their nil rate band tax threshold on their death, then the unused amount is available to the estate of the second spouse or civil partner to die, even if the survivor remarried. This could mean there is £650,000 tax-free called the transferable nil rate band. 

If the person who has died owns a property and their estate passes to their direct descendants, then their estate may benefit from the Residence Nil Rate Band which is currently £100,000. If the estate also qualifies for the transferable nil rate band, then you may be able to transfer the unused Residence Nil Rate Band from the spouse who died first. There are also complex provisions for downsizing or sale of a property; we can discuss this with you if applicable. 

If the person who has died does not fall into one of the above-mentioned categories, or the value of the estate is above the thresholds, then there may be inheritance tax to pay. 

Q. What are the other minor disbursements that I may have to pay in order to obtain a Grant of Probate? 
A. The other disbursements are the 50p per copy of the probate; you will need one copy of the probate per asset or organisation that you need to deal with (we will advise you on how many copies you require). 

There are also Swear fees which are £5 per named administrator if there is no Will and £7 per named executor if there is a Will. 

If there is a codicil to the Will, the cost is £7 per named executor for the Will and then an additional £2 extra per named executor for every codicil. If there is one codicil, the fee is £9, if there are two codicils the fee is £11 and so on. 

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