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Orthopaedic Claims

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Orthopaedic claims relate to operations and treatments to the bones, usually in the form of replacements or fracture repairs. Claims can also involve the joints, ligaments and muscles as well as the nerves.

When an orthopaedic issue arises it can have a significant debilitating effect on someone’s life. Our medical negligence solicitors in Essex and London can assist in obtaining compensation to help with the rehabilitation and care requirements, plus costs of any additional surgeries to help resolve the issues and reduce the effects of the symptoms arising from negligence.

Missed Fracture Claims

Sometimes, fractures can be missed by surgeons or doctors. This may be due to inadequate examinations, or because fractures are missed on x-rays. Mistakes are occasionally made by inexperienced or overburdened doctors in A&E departments.

Where a fracture is missed it can result in malunion, resulting in the need for invasive treatment and a much lengthier recovery. Mobility problems can arise which worsen over time due to the error. This is something that can often be avoided if the correct diagnosis is given and accurate prompt treatment is provided.

Our medical negligence solicitors in offices across Essex and London have dealt with many cases relating to missed fractures and can offer legal assistance.

Surgical Error Claims

Orthopaedic injuries often arise when surgery has been substandard; for example, a poorly fitted prosthesis joint or component or a badly placed skin graft. As a result, claimants are exposed to a variety of conditions and complications which could otherwise be avoided, including but not limited to; bone infection, leg shortening, reduced mobility and function, migration of the replacement component, significant scarring and reduced limb function, destroyed tissue and so on. Often patients require additional surgeries to try and rectify the initial error. It is not unusual for someone to require multiple surgeries and extensive periods of rehabilitation following a substandard surgery.

Our clinical negligence solicitors in offices across Essex and London have dealt with many cases relating to surgical orthopaedic errors and can offer legal assistance.

Amputation Claims

Losing a limb can be devastating and life-changing, especially if it could have been avoided.

Adapting your surroundings can be expensive, especially if you can no longer work as a result of the negligent amputation. In addition, you will need to consider the costs of further treatments or surgeries, counselling and rehabilitation and prosthesis expenses as well as care needs in the interim or long term.

Our medical negligence solicitors in Essex and London can help to ensure that all necessary individual needs, requirements and services are considered, accounted for and implemented when seeking to recover costs for you.

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