Post-Nuptial & Post-Civil Partnership Agreements

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Post-nuptial or post-civil partnership (also known as post-CiP)  agreements do not achieve the same amount of publicity as their prenup or pre-civil equivalents.However, it is possible for married couples or civil partners to enter into an agreement about money and property in the event of future separation or divorce/dissolution.

Couples may want a post-nup or a post-CiP where an inheritance is received, or possibly where there has been a period of separation followed by reconciliation where one party seeks reassurance or financial security. Our experienced family solicitors are able to assist and advise on post-marital matters such as these.

We recommend that the following factors should be present in such an agreement in order to have the best chance of it being upheld in any future proceedings:

  • Both parties take independent legal advice
  • No pressure applied to either party to enter into the agreement
  • Full disclosure of the parties' respective financial positions with documentary evidence provided
  • Provision made for any children of the family
  • The terms of the agreement are fair

Our family law department includes members of the  Law Society’s Family Panel  and Advanced Family Panel, accredited  Resolution  specialists and Collaborative Family Lawyers. All ten of our team are members of Resolution. We recommend that you initially speak to one of our knowledgeable family solicitors for advice on the benefits of entering into a post-nuptial or post-civil agreement.

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