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Domestic Abuse, including Violence & Injunctions

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If you are being subjected to verbal and physical abuse, or being harassed and threatened in any way, we have a specialist team of domestic abuse lawyers who can give you discreet legal advice about the options available to you, including applying to the Court for an injunction order or about any other area of family law.

Domestic abuse/violence includes physical and mental abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse and sexual abuse, threats and intimidation.

Resolution suggests thinking about the following questions before making contact with a solicitor regarding domestic abuse or violence:

  • Have you been arguing a lot recently?
  • Do you generally have a lot of arguments?
  • When you argue, what usually happens?
  • Has your partner ever been convicted of any criminal offence, in particular, those including violence and/or drugs or alcohol?
  • What happens when your partner loses their temper?
  • When your partner drinks alcohol does this ever result in arguments?
  • Does your partner become violent after consuming alcohol?
  • How safe or afraid do you feel in your current relationship?
  • Has your partner ever threatened you with a weapon?
  • Has your partner ever threatened to harm you and/or the children?
  • Has your partner ever stalked you?

(Produced with permission from the Family Law Society Family Law Protocol)

Domestic abuse/violence can relate to one specific incident or a series of incidents over a period of time, in which case it is possible to obtain an injunction order through the Courts. This can:

Prevent a violent or abusive person from using or threatening violence towards you and/or any children of the family, including harassment and other forms of abuse. This is called a non-molestation order.

Exclude a violent or abusive person from the home or other family property. This is called an occupation order.

Our team of family lawyers are highly experienced in successfully obtaining domestic violence injunctions on behalf of partners, former partners, family members and other third parties, whereby a protection from harassment order can be applied for through the Courts.

These orders can be applied for on an immediate emergency basis, without your partner or ex-partner being present at the initial Court hearing. He or she would therefore not be aware of your application until after the Court hearing and once you have been granted the Court orders to protect you.

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We understand what a terrifying time this must be for you but our specialist domestic abuse solicitors can provide tailored, confidential legal advice and are experienced in helping victims of violence/abuse apply for emergency injunctions.

Our Resolution accredited domestic abuse specialists offer a free 30-minute initial consultation* to discuss your situation and issue emergency proceedings if necessary.

Due to the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak we are currently offering these 30-minute free appointments by telephone and some video calling services. Our offices are also open with comprehensive safety measures in place.

*Free consultations with our family solicitors are only available at our main Essex offices in BrentwoodHornchurch and Upminster and are not available in cases where proceedings have been issued. Fixed fee appointments are available at Canary Wharf (London) and Leigh-on-Sea (Essex).


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