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Changing Terms & Conditions of Employment

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Altering an employee or a group of employee’s terms and conditions or contracts of employment can sometimes be a complex process. Our employment solicitors in Essex and London have a wealth of experience when it comes to making critical changes this important documents.

Whether or not an employee’s contract can be changed will largely depend on the circumstances as to why the alteration has come about, why it is needed and whether or not the employee is likely to agree to the change. If they are unlikely to be in agreement, or have already indicated they will not agree to the changes, then matters can quickly escalate to a dispute, or worse. A careful approach to changing contractual terms should always be taken, and legal advice is always recommended.

Employers should always:

  • Check their contractual rights to make amendments to an employee’s contract before trying to impose a change. Seek legal advice on the best approach to having changes introduced
  • Seek legal advice on whether there are any circumstances in which a contractual variation to an employee’s terms could give rise to an employment claim (for example following a TUPE transfer) and whether anything can be done to manage this risk
  • Remember that it is very rare for an employer to be able to unilaterally impose changes to contractual terms.

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Our employment solicitors at Pinney Talfourd LLP have extensive experience in guiding employers through contractual variations where changes are agreed, or, more commonly, not agreed. We can assist employers who have had to update their contracts for legal reasons (because previous terms had an element of non-compliance with law) or business reasons (for example where different working patterns were required).

If you need further legal assistance with changing your employment contracts, please feel free to contact any of our employment law solicitors directly to discuss your requirements in more detail; we are more than happy to provide you with free initial advice in the form of a telephone consultation.

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