What will I need to do to prepare for such an application?


If you are intending to make an application to relocate, it is of great importance that you have thought through thoroughly all the practicalities of what life will be like for you and the children in a new country. You will need to set your plans out in a great deal of detail in a Witness Statement.

You will need to deal with the following matters (this list is not conclusive):

  1. Your proposed living arrangements which will not only include details of your proposed residence but evidence that you have the financial means to pay for it.
  2. Details of your proposed employment in your new country.
  3. You will need to detail what support network, if any, you have in the new country whether it be family or friends.
  4. You need to have a clear plan as to where your child or children will go to school.
  5. You will need to consider any substantial climate change between England and Wales and your destination country and how this will affect the children.
  6. You will need to consider how you and your children are, if appropriate, going to learn the language of your destination country.
  7. You will need to set out in detail the healthcare arrangements that will be available for the children.
  8. You will need to consider and set out the financial viability of the proposed move and set out an estimated budget of monthly expenses and demonstrate how you will meet them.
  9. You will need to consider the contact arrangements that will need to be put in place to allow the other parent and his or her wider family to continue to see and have contact with the children.
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